Hong Kong Games

Hong Kong Games 2022 Cancelled

Since 2007, the Hong Kong Games have been a multi sports event in Hong Kong. The districts of Hong Kong are participating in the Games. The Hong Kong Games aim to provide more opportunities for participation, sharing and cooperation in sports in the community and to promote communication and friendship among the 18 districts. It allows the units to strengthen the community. It promotes the idea of “sports for all” in the society in order to raise the standard of sports in Hong Kong.

The 8th HKG has been canceled due to the COVID 19 epidemic.

The 8th HKG, which was supposed to be held …

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Director Tang’s general education class

The Chief Secretary for Administration, Tang Yingnian, expressed his views on the “post-80s” with “Tang’s Five Points” at Roundtable’s Youth Academic Forum. The content of “Tang Five Points” is quite scrutinized, and it is a good general education in a class.

First, there are rights and obligations. When talking about rights, Director Tang especially pointed out that “we implement a market economy, and enterprises pursue the maximization of commercial interests”, “the enterprise has the right to protect its property rights, and it has the responsibility to operate in accordance with the law, and then consider taking certain responsibilities. social responsibility”. He believes that “corporate social responsibility” is not …

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