As early as January 2007 at the Second East Asia Summit, the Japanese government announced the establishment of a youth exchange program, inviting about 6,000 youths from East Asia Summit member countries (including the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, Australia, China, India, New Zealand and South Korea) to visit Japan, with a view to building the foundation of solidarity in Asia through youth exchanges. Since 2007, the Japanese government has launched this program called “21st Century East Asia Youth Exchange Program”. This program is organized to promote mutual understanding in East Asia and deepen understanding of Japan through exchange activities.

  High school students from Hong Kong and Macau were also invited to participate in the program in 2008, which allowed high school students from Japan, Hong Kong and Macau to establish deep connections. This is a 9-day exchange delegation to Japan, with a total of about 50 people. The Hong Kong delegation is headed by Huang Shili, the principal of the Jiayinian Prime Minister’s High School of the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals. They will travel all over Tokyo, Hyogo, Kobe, Kagoshima and Osaka, visit cultural, economic, environmental protection and other facilities, and make on-the-spot visits to institutions of higher learning, museums, the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, etc. To experience Japanese education and culture. Students will also arrange to live in Japanese families. From the experience of Japanese daily life, they will understand the similarities and differences between Japanese living habits and those in Hong Kong, and understand the local customs and customs.

  This year is the “China-Japan Youth Friendly Exchange Year” agreed by the Chinese and Japanese governments to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the signing of the Sino-Japanese Treaty of Peace and Friendship. This exchange delegation fits the theme and is expected to help deepen the friendship between China and Japan.