Identity” of Hong Kong people

Hong Kong has experienced more than 100 years of British colonial rule until it returned to China in 1997. In a society where more than 90% of the whole are Chinese, when it comes to “identity”, the two identities that cannot be separated must be “Hong Kong people”. ” or “Chinese”. Scholar Liu Zhaojia mentioned in the article “”Hong Kong people” or “Chinese”: the identity of Hong Kong Chinese 1985-1995″: “Hong Kong Chinese generally use the terms “Hong Kong people” and “Chinese” to refer to Calling oneself… ‘Hong Kong people’ and ‘Chinese’ are the two identities that Hong Kong Chinese feel the most meaningful.”

 People living …

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Miscellaneous Notes on the Fields of the 22nd Anniversary Party of June 4th

Before writing the main text, it is really necessary to explain what field miscellaneous notes are.The so-called field miscellaneous notes are actually one of the field notes made by researchers in the process of field study. Different from regular field diaries, writing field miscellaneous notes does not need to record everything in the field environment in detail, nor does it need to use prior consideration to observe the target.As an auxiliary research tool, Fields Miscellaneous allows subjective comment and interpretation, and even includes the observer’s personal feelings. The only problem is that because the content is largely based on personal emotions, speculation and imagination, which seriously affects …

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