Before writing the main text, it is really necessary to explain what field miscellaneous notes are.The so-called field miscellaneous notes are actually one of the field notes made by researchers in the process of field study. Different from regular field diaries, writing field miscellaneous notes does not need to record everything in the field environment in detail, nor does it need to use prior consideration to observe the target.As an auxiliary research tool, Fields Miscellaneous allows subjective comment and interpretation, and even includes the observer’s personal feelings. The only problem is that because the content is largely based on personal emotions, speculation and imagination, which seriously affects the reliability and validity, generally speaking, field miscellaneous notes are only for reference and cannot be the focus of research.

Observations about the participantsNow that we’ve talked about research methods, it’s time to get down to business. According to figures from the organizer’s stake, this year’s June 422nd Anniversary Gala was attended by 150,000 people (the police figure was 77,000), similar to the figures of the past two editions.In terms of its components, one of the well-known “facts” is that many independent travelers should be included in the crowd participating in the evening party. But what deserves further research is that the policy of individual travel (ie, independent travel) in Hong Kong and Macau was a product of the post-SARS in 2003. Why did these domestic participants not increase significantly at that time?The reason behind the increase in the number of participants of the “Freedom of Travel” is whether it is due to the repeated suppression of the domestic rights protection movement in recent years, or is it benefited from the measures in 2009 that Shenzhen residents with registered permanent residence can apply for “multiple times a year” endorsements (that is, within the validity period (one year) ), unlimited travel to and from Hong Kong, but still not exceeding seven days per stay in Hong Kong.)?I also hope that relevant research institutions can conduct in-depth research.Another group that deserves our pondering is the group of young people who have suddenly increased in the “legendary”. According to Mr. Zhang Wenguang, a senior member of the Stake and Education Association, and based on the scene I witnessed that day, the most distinctive feature of the young people attending this year is that they are mainly spontaneous small groups, not led by teachers or elders. If the above statement is true, the next question to ask is: what motivated them to attend this rally? Is it the power of online mobilization, or does general education/national education make students know more about the country? It should be known that most of the current middle school students have not experienced the shocking images of the June 4th incident, and the current teaching materials and even the examination materials do not involve the Tiananmen incident. In the end, where did their cognition and interest in the June 4th incident come from, it should be research. National identity identity key research objectives of the subject.

Observations on other stakeholders – police and political groupsAfter the party, the police, who were responsible for the order and crowd control on the scene that day, came under fire. Even the organizer once denounced the police in front of the media for deliberately using crowd control measures to obstruct people who wanted to enter Victoria Park. As a participant who has attended the 21st party, I also have to point out an objective fact: the police‚Äôs arrangement this time is indeed different from the previous practice with less intervention, and the installation of a large number of tapes and seals is indeed Obstructing the free entry and exit of participants.At the same time, I also heard at the scene that many citizens expressed dissatisfaction with the road closure and diversion measures, and most of them also pointed the contradiction to the new Commissioner of Police, Tsang Wai-hung. It seems that Zeng Yige’s hawkish image has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.Finally, it is about my observation of the political groups present. Affected by the police’s crowd control measures, most political groups, including the organizer’s stake, were not able to directly contact the participants at the entrance of Victoria Park as usual, and make actions such as soliciting donations and distributing leaflets. Based on subsequent reports from various newspapers, political groups received less donations this year than in previous years. But at the same time, some political groups that have not been known in previous years, especially those “stationed on the periphery”, have unexpectedly benefited from the relevant measures and gained the attention of the public on the waiting list. If students are interested in studying related topics, they can inquire with those who left the scene that day, and analyze their understanding or perception of these propaganda or the political groups themselves.postscript:In order to turn the above observations into concrete research, we need more and more in-depth data collection, organization and analysis.

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