A strong earthquake occurred in Sichuan, claiming countless lives and destroying countless homes. In addition to the whole city working together to raise funds for the victims in Sichuan, the disaster also provided a very valuable opportunity for us to reflect on life and explore the value of life. In view of this, RTHK’s “General Knowledge Network” www.LiberalStudies.tv specially held the “Love Classroom” – “Shaking the Heart-Exploring the Meaning of Life from the Sichuan Earthquake” , contacting Beijing, Shanghai, Ningbo, Nanhai and other schools. Hong Kong’s primary and secondary schools, backed by the technology of the video China (v-china) network, start from multiple thinking, and reflect on the meaning of life from the earthquake. There are no experts, no commentators, only sincere hearts, sending sincere blessings to the victims in Sichuan. Teachers from each school will also discuss life education with their students from the Liberal Studies area of ​​”Personal Growth and Interpersonal Relations”. During the event, the heartfelt cards from Hong Kong students will be collected to send deep condolences to the compatriots in Sichuan.

Date:May 29, 2008 (Thursday)
time:2:30pm to 4:30pm
Place:Lee Kiu Yan Memorial Secondary School (596 Prince Edward Road East, San Po Kong, Kowloon)
Attend school:Hong Kong schooldomestic schoolLi Qiuen Memorial Middle SchoolRenji Hospital Wang Huaxiang Middle SchoolBuddhist Wong Yun Tung Secondary SchoolHong Kong Cloth Manufacturers Association Chu Shek Lun Secondary SchoolDeng Jingbo SchoolShatin Methodist Secondary SchoolThe Church of Christ in China Kee Chee Primary SchoolCatholic Puren SchoolBuddhist Charity SchoolCamberron Presbyterian Yew Dao Primary SchoolLok Sin Tong Primary SchoolBeijing 101 Middle SchoolNingbo Taikoo Primary SchoolNanhai Experimental Middle SchoolShanghai Qibao Middle SchoolNingbo Tongtu Primary School
technical support:St. Bender’s College
Co-organizer:Quality Education Fund Visual China Program

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