Hong Kong people’s love for Japanese food can be regarded as the place with the highest density of Japanese restaurants outside Japan. Whether it is Japanese bread and snacks, as well as the best Wagyu beef and seafood sashimi, they are very popular among Hong Kong people.

On January 5, 2011, a Hong Kong one-day restaurant group successfully bid for this year’s “Japan One” at the Tsukiji Market in Japan with about HK$3.07 million : a piece weighing 342 kilograms The value of the king bluefin tuna hit a nine-year high, with an average value of HK$9,000 per kilogram.

Since 2006, the quantity of bluefin tuna imported into Hong Kong has tripled from 46 tons to 166 tons.

This time, Hong Kong people voted for “Japan One” at a record-breaking price, which was reported by the media as “Hong Kong Light” . The restaurant also received a lot of publicity. One piece of bluefin tuna king belly sushi and proud of it.

However, did you know that the bluefin tuna is under threat of extinction ? Since the 1970s, the number of northern bluefin tuna has dropped by more than 90%, and the number of southern bluefin tuna has also decreased by 85%. If the current level of hunting continues to catch bluefin tuna, the future In a few years this species will disappear. In fact, the value of king bluefin tuna has repeatedly hit new highs, not only because of the rise in demand, but also because the supply of bluefin tuna has been greatly reduced.

When everyone is feasting on bluefin tuna , have you ever thought that you are putting some endangered species in your mouth? In fact, WWF has proposed to many restaurants in Hong Kong not to sell bluefin tuna dishes, and many hotels and restaurants have supported it. Protest and hope that more companies will support sustainable fisheries development.

As consumers , what responsibility do we have ? Personally, I think, in action, stop eating bluefin tuna and reduce overall demand; focus on sustainable fisheries development. In terms of values, change the values ​​distorted by the media and not take pride in eating the endangered bluefin tuna.

In fact, we should also reflect on and identify the values ​​that the media’s reporting methods bring out and how they affect us. This is also the purpose of our general education!

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