As mentioned in the last two issues, there are at least six different propositional questioning methods for the same issue, that is to say, there are six different answering requirements. The first two were mentioned in the last issue, and now I will discuss two more:

  • How do you think Disneyland can successfully develop in the Mainland? Try to explain it in terms of Chinese elements and tourist quality.
  • How do you think Disneyland can successfully develop in the Mainland? Try to cite two factors to explain it.

These two are also the more common types of questions. It should be said that, together with the last two types of questions, the four types of questions are the most common types of questions in general education, and students must be familiar with them.

The difference between the above two questions is that the first question is that the analysis must be based on the two perspectives of “Chinese elements” and “tourist quality”, and the second question is about any examinee’s own perspective. Therefore, from the perspective of question review, both questions must be answered from two angles and two paragraphs, and the contents of the two angles should not overlap each other. The first question needs to be illustrated from the perspectives of “Chinese elements” and “tourist quality”. Yes, it is an example, so this type of question is actually not difficult.

As for the second question, students must spend some time thinking about which two perspectives can be analyzed: Chinese elements? Quality of tourists? Commercial promotion? Political considerations? and many more. After you have come up with a good angle, analyze it with an example.

Last but not least, pay attention to the tense of the question. This is a future tense question, that is to say, Disney has not yet settled down in Shanghai and has not yet operated. Therefore, students should note that this is a prediction of what has not happened, rather than a summary of what has happened.

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